Thursday, January 7, 2016

Plans and Resolutions

Rather than jump back into our regular schedule, we've been spending most of the week on personal projects.  For the kids that has meant reading, playing games, doing art and video editing, and working on their movie, Abydos.  For me that has meant planning like a maniac.

The pictures are from a fun game called Say Anything.  The question was, "What would be the coolest skill to have without needing to practice?"

Oobs answer was, "Leg sweeping!"

 He might be the youngest of four boys.

Leena, on the other hand, said, "Singing!" 

I don't think you have to illustrate your answers, but the Zoomlians do.

I've  finished plans for 3 interlocking co-ops: Adventurers (field trips), Awesome History (Middle Ages!), and Masters of Disaster (weather and earth science: hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.).

They interlock in the sense that some of the field trips relate to the other classes at critical times.

I'm very pleased!   I just need to plan out my religious education stuff...

And, of course, plan out a schedule that accounts for Mxyl and Klenda being off at college on certain days, as well as the co-ops, and ice skating, and swimming, and library trips,  and possibly other time for education.  I'm mostly there!

My friend, Shelli, tells me I'm a planner, and I think she's probably right.  The key for me is that I only have to do the big planning once, and then I'm happy for the rest of the semester.  I actually have a hard time doing a lot of planning on a regular basis.

While I was planning, I was going back and forth through my archives collecting posts from the last time I did Masters of Disasters.  That was such a fun set of classes!  In fact, two of my all time most popular posts (Earthquake and Tsunami and  Earth Science) are from that series!  It occurred to me that I ought to collect the different series and put them in the sidebar so that they would be easier to find and use. 

Then it occurred to me that was an excellent project for a New Year's resolution!  My dear MIL used to make resolutions that were specific projects (like "this year I will research and buy a new car"), and that always seemed to me more sensible than my usual vague "eat less and exercise more" resolves.

So, there we go: I resolve to organize my science and history series into usable sidebar links!

I'd also like to eat less and exercise more. I just need to make a specific plan....

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Sue Elvis said...


I like your specific resolutions. Vague ones never happen! I've got a list of things I'd like to achieve this year. Now I need to sketch out the steps needed so I am successful.