Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy Birthday!!

My baby sister is turning 40!  I can hardly believe it!  (or, as she likes to point out, think how old that makes me!)

I'll never forget seeing her in the hospital bassinet. I was so excited I had a sister (my brother wanted a brother and it was one of the few arguments I won).

Then she came home and moved into my room, and I was somewhat less excited. No one had mentioned that babies cried at night.

But then she got bigger and more interesting: I could play with her, and that was fantastic!

To me she was the prettiest little girl, and the star of every show.  She got away with too much, of course.  She was much too cute to refuse! 

She followed me around and loved to do what I did and play what I played.  She was my constant companion in all my games and stories, and then I ended up playing in her games and stories too. Along with my brother, we had lots of crazy adventures!

And she grew bigger and more interesting and could do amazing things with art and style, and poetry, and she was even more fun!  And God chose her, and she became, not just my sister, but a sister for everyone. A pretty good choice!

And here we are, still companions in our crazy adventures, sometimes separated by external distance, but always together in heart.  Happy birthday!! To many more adventures!

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