Friday, January 8, 2016

Spring Into Adventure!

It's the spring schedule for Adventurers!

As always, spring schedules are entirely weather dependent: not only do some events get canceled by bad weather, others get shuffled when the magnolias/cherry blossoms/azaleas bloom off schedule.  It's all part of the Adventure!

Also, please note that unlike last semester, these trips are all on Tuesdays. 

2/23 Bureau of Printing and Engraving (this is where they print money - last time we went they were printing $100 bills, so we saw over a million dollars cash!)

3/1  Franciscan Monastery  Always a great trip, especially during Lent.

3/8  Fort McHenry Exploring the fort from the Star Spangled Banner is more fun if you beat the crowds by going in March.  Not only do you get to hunker down in the "bombproofs", they have cannons from at least four different wars!

3/15 National Zoo Weather dependent, of course, but early March is often a great time to visit the Zoo.  You get early spring, lots of animals and no crowds.  Also you don't overheat while tromping back up the hill to your car!

3/22 Skip week:  Holy Week
3/29 National Arboretum  The magnolias should be in bloom!

4/5   Cherry Blossoms  If I get the bloom time right... otherwise the C + O Canal

4/12 The Walters This will dovetail with the Awesome History Middle Ages class

4/19 The Baltimore Museum of Art or the C + O Canal/Great Falls

4/27 National Arboetum: The Azalea Walk should be at peak bloom.

5/3  Monuments on the Mall (Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, maybe more)  This will be a hike!  It's one mile from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, so we'll see how far we get (and if I can figure out how to park in the middle!)

 5/10  Fossil Hunt  (Shark's teeth) down by the Bay.  This should come right after the last Masters of Disasters class on fossils! I may also do one more shark tooth trip in May when Mxyl and Klenda are done with their college classes.


Sue Elvis said...


It sounds like you are going to have some wonderful excursions. I wish we could join you!

Spring schedule? I suppose your spring and our autumn will be here before we know it. The next few days here are forecast to be hot, so by the end of the week, I'm probably going to be looking forward to the change of seasons!

Wendy said...

Oh yes, our "spring" semester runs January to June, Actual Spring comes and goes in the middle of it! I always thought it was strange that the college "spring break" is usually early March, long before spring usually starts here. I look forward to spring, but I'd like to have a real winter first - enough snow to play in!

Our current weather here has been very strange. We had a 35 degree drop yesterday, from 60 (15C) to 25 (-4 C)! Still no real snow though, but I've been chilly all day! I'm thinking of your hot weather with a smile!