Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Random Stuff This Week

 It's been cold!  It's been around 11 (-11 C) when we wake up in the morning, with a high of 27 (-3 C).

And breezy!  Wind chill is real, people.

But it's also been clear and dry and very beautiful.  That's expected to end Friday when we are predicted to get 2 feet (61 cm) of snow over the course of 48 hours (I think that's 2 days in metric).

Then it will be white and windy and very beautiful!

 In other news, college classes started this week, and it was Klenda's first time taking classes on campus. She's taking a painting class and a nutrition class.

Mxyl is taking the same painting class as well as English Lit, Graphic Design, and Evolutionary Biology. Fun!

Klenda's classes overlap with Mxyl's so they are gone together 2 days a week, and then Mxyl has another two days of classes.

It's been kind of weird interesting to have just 4 kids two days a week.
 Choclo has been making lots of progress as a Webelo scout.

Also I think cub scout uniforms are adorable.

So I guess this is just a gratuitous cute picture! :D

Oob lost another tooth!

And immediately asked me to blog about it.

I'm realizing I don't have too  many visits from the Tooth Chicken left!

Also, I'm realizing Oob looks a lot like Mxyl.
Lastly, I discovered that octopus wrestling used to be a sport.  Not only that, it was popular in Washington state!

For our Aussies, Washington state is on the west coast and Washington DC (near where I live) is on the east coast.

My mom grew up in Washington state, so I immediately asked her if she had ever been  professional octopus wrestler and had forgotten to mention it (that may sound like a stretch, but she did race stock cars, so I thought I'd ask).

On the down side, she told me she was never a professional octopus wrestler.

On the up side, that doesn't rule out that could have retained her non-professional status in order to pursue dreams of Olympic Glory!

Did I mention that she reads my blog?

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