Friday, February 5, 2016

Return of the Fun Jar

 One unanticipated side effect of the oldest two Zoomlians being gone more, is extra time to do special things with the younger Zoomlians!

I made each pair a "Fun Jar" with ideas of special fun things we can do together. 

These ideas range from things that most people would recognize as educational to things that some people might not. I came up with the initial 11 ideas, hopefully the kids will add more ideas.

Choclo picked first: "clay sculpting."  He and Oob decided the best sculpting experience would be with edible clay, so we made some (cream cheese, powdered sugar, coloring and flavoring).

Oob made this tank and some grapes (left), and Choclo made this caterpillar and shark (right).

Actually, they made lots of things, but they had fun eating and giving away their creations- a consumable project! 

Zorg randomly picked "candles or wax dipping." He and Leena decided to dip things in wax. 

This was interesting because I  hadn't thought of this as being  particularly "educational." It just goes to show that things are interesting because you are learning something.  I often see the reverse proven: thing sare boring because you aren't learning from them, regardless of how "educational" they supposedly are.

At any rate, they came up with a fascinating assortment of things to dip in wax: leaves, apples, CDs, paper things, and a partially inflated balloon.

The balloon was fascinating!  Zorg had intentionally not tied off the balloon so that he could deflate it slowly after the wax froze.

 They peeled some off and wanted to look at it under the Cyclops (a microscope that connects to the TV).

Did you say microscope?! Sure!!

The wax was encrusted with tiny bubbles!

 Then they dipped their fingers into the partially cooled wax and looked at those impressions and then compared them to the actual skin.

And they spent the rest of the morning looking at skin, hair, scars, and an assortment of fibers.

Amazing!  I definitely count the Fun Jars as  a win, particularly because each project tended to  spill over into fun for all 4!

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