Monday, February 1, 2016

Dante in the Year of Mercy

I was so impressed by this that I really wanted to share it.

 I had missed the fact that the Holy Father was recommending Dante in the Year of Mercy, but I always think of The Divine Comedy as we approach Lent.  I guess because I first read it during Lent, but also because it had such a profound effect on my understanding of the nature of sin and repentance.


Sue Elvis said...


I always enjoy Bishop Barron's insights into books and movies. I haven't watched this video on Dante. I'm going to bookmark it for later. Thanks for sharing! Years ago, I read a children's version of Dante's The Divine Comedy to my girls but have never read the original version. Maybe I should!

Wendy said...

It really is wonderful, but it matters a great deal which translation you use. We like one by the poet John Ciardi. The translation is poetically beautiful, and his notes let you make sense of the obscure medieval Italian politics.

Thanks for the comment love! :)