Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fun Jar: Plastics!

Oob's turn to grab some random fun: Shrinky Dinks!

This is a sheet of plastic that you can draw or trace things on that shrinks when exposed to heat.

They got really into it, first drawing things like tanks and sphinxes (as Choclo said, it's a Shrinky Sphinx!), then tracing favorite pictures from books.

 Then it was Leena's turn to pick: Acrylic Painting!  Does acrylic count as plastic?

This is the only kind of painting I've had training in (unless you count house painting).

I took some classes with my mom when I was a teen, but I'd never tried to teach anyone before.

This is the Bob Ross style of wet on wet painting (which "real" artists tend to scoff at).

 The thing is, with a little training, you can actually produce something you would want on your wall!

These took the kids about an hour, and I think they came out amazingly well, especially for a first try at "real" painting!

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