Thursday, February 4, 2016

Groundhog Day

This is not an actual picture of the soup I made on Groundhog Day, but it's close.

It was supposed to be alphabet soup with chicken... but then I realized I was out of chicken... but then I realized I had an odd number of leftover meatballs (not enough for a meal, too many to toss). 

So I dumped the meatballs into the soup and called it a day. But it looked odd.

Then I remembered that particular day was Groundhog Day!  It immediately occurred to me to tell the kids the odd meat in their soup was groundhog! I restrained myself.

And then, after they had eaten the soup,  it hit me!  The meatballs had pork!  They really were ground hog!

And now my kids are telling me I ruined their lives.

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