Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Awesome American History: 1821-1835

 This covered Johnny Appleseed, the Erie Canal, and the Moon Hoax, pages 78-86 in The American Story by Jennifer Armstrong.

If you're not familiar with the Moon Hoax, it was the fake news of 1835. A newspaper wanting to boost circulation began "reprinting" a Scottish science journal detailing the amazing sights a new telescope had found on the moon.

 They had an endless supply of amazing finds, including furry winged people!

For our art activity, we did our own version with plain paper replacing a circle cut out of construction paper. 

Some of the kids did pictures on the front and back of the white paper, so that you could put it up to a window and see more things. 
 For our active activity we went on a bird walk like Audobon (from last week's activities).  We found about a dozen kinds of birds, and had a great time!

For our snack, we went with the song 15 Miles on the Erie Canal.  If you haven't heard the song (I had to sing it in grade school, and we did not sound anything like as good as that link), the chorus mentions that they hauled some lumber, coal, and hay.

So we ate lumber (pretzel logs), coal (chocolate chips), and hay (shredded wheat).   Possibly,all those years of doing gingerbread houses has warped my mind.

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