Thursday, May 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Oob!

Oob is 10!  Double digits!

For his cake he wanted a wither storm. We can do creepy cakes!

 Did he love it?


10 Great Things About Oob

1. He wants to see all of the birds in the world.
2. When I am sick, he prays the Rosary for me.
2. He's a Minecraft master.
3. He is always willing to help out.
4. He's a very loving brother.
4. He likes to build contraptions.
5. He's a job thief!
5. He tells funny jokes.
6. He's an expert snuggler.
6. He's a Lego master builder.
7. He's a Webelo.
8. He likes to cook.
8. He loves taking care of cute furry things.
9. He's really good at drawing complicated things.
9. He knows a LOT about birds.
10. He has an eye for detail!

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