Monday, May 22, 2017

Leapin' Lizards

 We went for a walk around the block and found this cute little lizard!

He's a little hard to see in the grass, but he's dark with light stripes.  In fact, he's five lined skink!  When they are young, they have bright blue tails, but this one had hardly any blue, so he must have been a bit older.

Leena and Zorg spotted it and were trying to catch it, when it hopped on Oob's sock, giving us a chance to get a better picture.

It was the coolest thing ever!

Right up until it ran up his shorts!

He asked me to shake him so that the lizard would fall out, but I was laughing too hard to manage more than feebly waving Oob back and forth.

Fortunately, just then the lizard popped out of the collar of his shirt, scurried to the top of his head and jumped off.

Leena wanted to catch it, but Oob said, "I think I've had enough lizard for one day."

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