Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy Birthday, Choclo!

Choclo is 12!

He wanted a robot cake, and it came out hardly creepy at all!

Actually, he had two cakes because we celebrated once with Pop, and once with just the eight of us.

On his actual birthday, he wanted a pumpkin cake. He wanted it to look like a pumpkin, and he wanted it to taste like a pumpkin, something I found very funny at the end of May!

He liked it so much that he declared it to be the best 3D cake he had ever seen, "Even better than a 10 layer wedding cake!"

12 Great Things About Choclo

1. He likes to be tickled.
2. He is a Minecraft master!
3. He loves to create secret places.
3. He tells funny jokes.
4. He loves babies.
5. He makes great paper airplanes.
5. He likes to cook special snacks with lots of hot sauce!
6. He knows a lot about sharks.
6. He knows even more about penguins!
7. He can build pretty much anything out of Legos.
8. He has lots of great story ideas.
8. He's about to cross over to be a boy Scout.
9. He's an altar server!
10. He's a Duck fan.
10. He really likes garlic.
11. He's a sweet and loving brother.
11. He likes to play games with "smash" in the title, and he's a good sport
12. He's interested in everything!

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