Saturday, April 21, 2018

Seven Quick Takes: You Drove Me to This!

1.  I just realized I never blogged about visiting New Jersey on the weekend after Easter.  

The short version is: We all went, and had a marvelous time!
Any eggs here?

 Also, I planted a little garden for them.

2. One of the weird things about life is that your kids can't see your parents the way you think of them.  They (the kids) just happened when my parents were older.  

I happened across this picture, and I didn't think anything special of it at first.  Then I realized: this is still my mental picture of my Dad.  So I took a picture of a faded picture to show them (and you).  

This is what my Dad really looks like.
We're like hummingbirds only bigger.

3. The hummingbirds have returned!

Um, yes, I DO know those aren't hummingbirds, but the picture I took of the actual hummingbird just shows a blurry smudge near the feeder.
4.  In case you needed more proof that having teenagers is the best thing ever, Klenda took me to the National Gallery and we spent a lovely morning  drinking in the beauty. Sooooo nice!

5. Speaking of so nice, Leena got her Driver's Permit!  

With three kids licensed, I've completed my first 200 hours of teaching kids to drive, and I'm now about 5 hours into the second half.

Fortunately, I really enjoy having the extra time with my teens (see #4), and Leena is a natural at this driving stuff!

Plus, I get to say to her, "You drove me to this!" Every time.  It never gets old (for me).

 5. I love these cute little English daisies!

They totally look like Dr. Seuss plants, and they just beg you to touch their fluffy petals!

 Spring is my favorite time in the garden.

6. Pro tip: When you want a special dinner, but you only have it in you to heat up some chicken nuggets and tater tots: keep around little paper umbrellas to stick in the Koolade!

Instant Mom win! (kinda)
7. Lastly, I leave you with this disturbing creative image, brought to you Mxyl.

I suppose it's just a cautionary tale about having art majors, but it reminds me of our family motto:
NON mali ingeniis excellentissima
(If you aren't up on your Latin, it means "NOT evil geniuses") 
That's it!  Have a great weekend!  More fun with Kelly! 

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