Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Rocket Science: Laws of Motion 2018

1st Law: A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion stays in motion unless acted on by another force.

Looking at inertia with the quarter/card/jar trick.

 Looking at mass with scales and balances (and jelly beans!).

We also looked at momentum with raw and hard boiled eggs.

And we made balloon rockets.

Full  1st Law class here.

 2nd Law of Motion: F=ma, force equals mass times acceleration.

It takes twice as much force to move twice as much mass, or half as much force to move half as much mass.

We looked at this by dropping a heavy marble and a light foil ball into flour.  They hit at the same time, but the heavy ball made a big crater, and the light one barely sunk in.

We did a few other demonstrations including a race of a heavier and lighter car down a ramp.

And we made puff rockets!

Full 2nd law class here.
3rd Law: Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction.

Gotta love a Newton's Cradle!

We also did the thing where the kids stand in a wagon and push on me.

And the billiard ball thing with angles.

And Alka-Seltzer rockets!

Which worked this time since I had bought new film canisters.  It was still pretty random: some popped up 15 feet in the air or more, but many only popped up a couple of feet.  We got the best results with half a tablet and just enough water to cover it.

Full 3rd Law class here.

 Lots of science fun!

Next week, we'll build and paint our model rockets, and the following Sunday we'll launch them at NASA Goddard!

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