Monday, April 16, 2018

It's a Wash! or My Many Laundry Woes

 Sometime in early February, my washing machine died.  I was going in a zillion directions at once, and I remembered that my regular (fantastic) repair guy had mentioned that he didn't work on Samsungs, (and I have another washer and dryer downstairs), so I didn't immediately try to fix it.

By late February, I started calling around, only to discover that, in fact,
  only Samsung techs can work on Samsungs.

I thought it might be just a stretched out belt- I totally could fix that myself!  I consulted the interwebs.

It's a direct magnetic drive: no belts at all.

I know my limits: belts, yes, electro magnets, no!  Life went on for a couple of weeks.

In March, I tried again with the You Tube fix its: my problem was either a broken strut or worn out bearings.

Well... If it was the strut, I could do that with a little help from Mxyl, Zorg and Oob.  It was not the strut.  Fixing bearings means taking the entire machine apart. Nope!

The main problem with a stacked washer and dryer is that when you have to replace one, you have to get an identical machine or replace both, or they won't stack safely.

Since I am unwilling to get another Samsung washer (EVER!), Pop bought me a whole new (Electrolux) washer and dryer.  Thanks, Pop!💓

Best of all, Choclo and Oob have moved into their own little houses!

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