Thursday, February 28, 2008

Choclo's Special Baby

We have a custom dating back to my pregnancy with Klenda, that the new baby is the Special Baby of the former youngest child. So, Klenda was Mxyl's special baby and I have a picture (which I should scan and post) of Mxyl at 16 months kissing my very large belly button. He's not actually kissing me, of course, he's kissing his Special Baby. He was 18 months when she was born and the first thing he did when he saw her was to kiss her.

Oob is Choclo's Special Baby. That's usually what he calls Oob, "Special Baby." But he says it with a smile and the heart-melting tenderness that two year olds sometimes have. When I nurse Oob, Choclo often wanders over and gently strokes that soft baby hair and smiles. "Special Baby gots hair. Special Baby soffft."

I love to watch this. I know that eventually they will fight and we may get some sibling, er, revelry going on. But for now, nothing beats the sound of the two of them making each other laugh. They just look at each other and Choclo breaks out giggling which makes Oob chuckle and then all bets are off and we have gales of laughter. There's something that is honey for a parent's heart in seeing our children love each other.

Is it love? Let's try the ultimate test: will Choclo let Oob touch his trucks? NO ONE can touch Choclo's trucks without facing his fiercest wrath...except for Oob. Oob can play with trucks, Oob can pull hair, everything Ooby is OK. Because Oob is his Special Baby.