Monday, February 18, 2008

What's Up With Choclo?

Did you guess trucks? Yes indeed, we discovered (in the size 4 bin) a sweater with a front end loader on it. I remember when we were given the sweater a year or so ago I wondered why someone would put a loader on a sweater. I mean, I could see a dump truck, but a loader? I'm not even sure I knew it was a loader at the time. Well, now I know: A front end loader with it's arm raised will make a truck maniac swoon!

Speaking of which: we have been singing The Truck Song (sing as if you were doing The Wheels on the Bus):
The dump truck says we'll dump that load....(pretend to dump the kid off your lap)
The excavator says dig and scoop...(scoop kid up from your lap)
The roller says we roll it flat... (roll on kid's tummy)
Continue with as many trucks as you can think of. Repeat as "teeny tiny" trucks using a teeny tiny voice.

I also have discovered that Choclo knows his colors, he just thinks you're crazy if you ask him what they are.

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Queen of Carrots said...

I need to remember that song!

A few months ago we were poking around the Montessori classroom that rents space at our church (the ducklings love looking at the animals and cool toys they're not allowed to touch) and DOB picked up the color blocks and started asking D2 what was what. After about two or three answers, D2 said, "No more colors." Not one for random quizzing. Now if he wants to specify which color of matchbox car he must have before he will be able to sleep, he's all over it.