Thursday, February 21, 2008


No, not the poem, alas, I mean the time in toddlerhood where they jabber. I love to hear Choclo talk, really I do! When he speaks in small words, I even understand him. But now he has hit the stage where he speaks in paragraphs. Large, mostly incomprehensible paragraphs.

This morning, over breakfast, we took turns attempting to translate. My favorite was Zorg's translation: "He said, 'I killed Darth Vader!'" I had thought it was something about an excavator, but it could have been the Sith lord.

It's so cute! The only problem is... it just doesn't stop. This morning at Mass (a practically silent daily Mass) he prattled away merrily. Not at the top of his voice, mind you, but not trying to whisper either. Eventually I took him to the back and tried to impress upon him the need for silence. And it worked, kind of. All the way up the long, silent center aisle as I went up for Communion he announced over and over,"I am be QUIET!"

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