Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What has Leena Been Up To?

Leena desperately wanted to do the volcano experiment. It's easy to forget, when you've made so many exploding vinegar, soap, and baking soda volcanoes, how special and fun they are to the kids that haven't done them 50 times.

When we started mixing up the clay, however, it soon became clear that everyone wanted to make a volcano. Given the chilly weather, we set them off in the bathtub. Her delight was contagious!

About the bathroom... Yes, the bathtub is yellow, the tile is turquoise and the trim is black. The house was built like that. The only real improvement ever made was when the Emperor was a teenager and his mom let him choose the color to paint the walls of this bathroom. In a fit of irony, he chose neon magenta. And she let him do it because she had said he could. I love this woman! It is, incidentally, the "public" bathroom.

It was that color when I met him. Woah. It was the most ironic bathroom I've ever seen. It is currently painted white. Thank you LT! One can only live with so much irony. Did I mention it is now decorated with frogs?

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