Friday, February 6, 2009

Guest blog by Myxl: The Polar Bear Plunge

Here's a question worth considering: Did you ever jump into the Chesapeake Bay in the middle of winter?

If so, you have probably taken the Polar Bear Plunge. My scout troop and I did it as fundraiser for the Special Olympics.

Warning: If they are not used to the cold, it might put most Earthlings into shock, and their toes would freeze off.

Half of me wanted to go in deeper. Half of me wanted to not have gone at all. That second one was probably the bottom half.


Zorg from Zoom said...

I didn't like it when you were gone, but I wouldn't have liked it even more if I had gone into that water with you!

Kate in NJ said...

Myxl, you ROCK!
You must get that from your Mom.;-)