Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wild Beaver ATAAAACK!

The wild beavers have visited again! This time they got 6 out of 6 Zoomlians. The only truly dramatic change was to Choclo who went from this:

To this:


When he looked in the mirror he asked, "Where is hair?"

I asked, "Do you like it?" (cleverly avoiding the question!)

He answered, "LIKE it! I LOVE it, Mama!"

The Emperor and I are still getting used to it. We keep wondering who that other kid is...


Kate in NJ said...

Still sooo cute!
Speaking of hair..what's in Oob's?
Hope it's not too windy down by you.

Wendy said...

Strawberry jam, but not enough to show up in a picture. He's just a sticky sweet Oob!

We've been having lots of wind! The kids are playing with sheets outside.