Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Creepy Valentine

I don't often try for normal and this really shows why.

Such a cute idea: cut out lots of hearts and have the kids make animals out of them. What could go wrong?

Well. The Zoomlians did make animals out of hearts.

Leena made the jellyfish.

Klenda made the heart type person with a really long neck (and, to be fair, a very cute butterfly).

Zorg made what I thought was a starfish. But it wasn't.

And Mxyl made the eight eyed spider in the center.

I did the cute little mouse.
That was Monday.

Tuesday we painted the windows (HT: Crafty Crow)
and made cherry hearts.

These are just cream cheese, cherry flavoring, and powdered sugar made into an edible clay. We formed lots and lots of hearts out of it and then ate half of them!

1 comment:

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, We love the jelly fish best..naturally...but are also drawn to the long necked thing.
We have not done any crafting yet
for Valentines Day.:-(