Thursday, February 26, 2009

Olympic Glory

We would like to bid to host this year's Table Setting Olympics at my house on the afternoon of Friday March 20th. If our bid is successful, we will have individual and team events as follows:

Individual Table Setting (possibly divided into classes by age): Who can set the table with the greatest speed while making it still look like someplace you would like to eat? You must be an individual to compete in this sport.

Team Table Setting: Working together as a well oiled machine (with clean hands), increase your speed! You must live in the same house as your team mates (i.e. regularly set the table together). Teams set the number of place settings used in their actual family.
The above events will be judged for speed and accuracy with errors being given a 2 second penalty.

Possible additional event: Advanced Table Setting: whither the extra fork?

Decorative Napkin Folding: Ahhhhh. The Rhythmic Gymnastics of the Table Setting Olympics, a chance to show your style and grace. Paper napkins will be provided, bring your own rings if needed.

Who will take home the coveted gold forks?

Any other bids?

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