Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pecans and Random Stuff

And it isn't even Friday!

It never ceases to amaze me how different 6 siblings can be. Six kids, and Oob is the first one to to refuse to say, "bye bye." Instead he yells, "Cheeeeeese!"

Leena is also (apparently) Queen of the non sequitur. We were driving in the big van, deep in a discussion of sublimation (matter going from a solid to a gas without becoming liquid in between). We were wondering how much of the vanishing snow had sublimed and how much had melted when Leena added, "I just love Delaware!"

I was translating Choclo on the phone with a grandparent, and it sure sounded like he said, "The downdraft of the rotor blades." It turned out, that was what he was saying. He was explaining how helicopters are used to spray crops, flying close to the ground so the down draft of the rotor blades made sure the mist didn't blow away. He went on to explain that a helicopter could spray a field in minutes where a tractor would take hours and hours. Yay Tractors and Trucks! And thank you Bill for inserting the tape into a new cassette (a procedure which strikes me as surgical) and saving the day when the old tape broke!

Never underestimate the fun you can have with pecans. We had a bunch still in the shell from Christmas. Oob and Choclo discovered the metal bowl full of them and then we made several new discoveries.
1. They are fun to dump all over the floor.
2. They spin like tops!
3. They make the bowl ring like a bell if you drop them in from high enough.
4. They spin like crazy when you kick them.
5. They are unsurpassed for dropping down the back of people's shirts. Like ice cubes but less mean and more tickley.

I suppose we could have counted them and stuff, but it didn't even occur to me.


Kate in NJ said...

Clearly, Oob is the "cheesiest"!
But Choclo is and will always be..the chocolatiest!Did you cook the pecans?

Wendy said...

No, I left them in the shell.

Eventually, if thrown enough, the shells crack and then we eat them.

As of this morning, Oob is more buttery than cheesy. I will post the picture later. Yummy Oob!

Wendy said...

We also found out that if you throw them down REALY hard, thay explode!!!!