Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gospel Desserts Week 3 and 4

Last week's Gospel included the parable of the fig tree. Easy peasy! We made a fig cake.

This week we had the story of the Prodigal Son.

My first idea was great googly eyes made out of jello - you know, the father watching for the son? The Emperor nixed that for some reason, calling it "freaky" or something.

My second idea was that, since we were going to confession on Saturday, and since we always have ice cream sundaes after confession in imitation of the Prodigal Son parable (instead of a fatted calf, but still a celebration of our return to God), that should count. (sound of crickets)

My third idea was to make a cake shaped like the fatted calf. I did a "funfetti" cake (white cake with sprinkles mixed in the batter) in a 13 x 9 pan, carved out a fat cow shape and used some of the trimmings to build up the head. I covered it with white buttercream frosting and sprinkled on cocoa powder spots. If you're curious, the eyes are chocolate covered coffee beans (served to the Emperor), the nose is candy covered peanuts and the mouth is cut out of gum.

After we had eaten it, some one reminded me that today was Pi day (3.14 = 3 /14). I'm not sure I could have come up with a Prodigal Son themed pie, but it would have been cool!

Now I just need to come up with something for next week: the woman caught in adultery. I am thinking something that looks like a stone? Any ideas would be welcome!

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