Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Wake the Dead

We changed to Daylight Savings Time yesterday. "Springing Forward" indeed! In my opinion, if it's that important to change the time just leave it like that, OK?!

Strangely, I never get quite so worked up about the time change in the Fall.

Anyway, after an unsuccessful attempt to wake the Zoomlians, who were busy impersonating limp and pitiful piles of sleeping goo, I went back and informed the Emperor that the Monday after the time change should be a holiday. He hastily agreed (for some reason we were running late this morning). I told him it should be Zombie Day.

Inspiration! I went back and told the Zoomlians that if they could get up and ready in 15 minutes, they could each play Plants vs. Zombies* for 15 minutes this afternoon. It will be difficult to remove the skid marks from their beds, but very worth it.

* This game has no educational or socially redeeming value, it's just very, very, very funny.

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Queen of Carrots said...

I love your guys' holidays!