Thursday, March 18, 2010

Klenda's Top Ten List

Of things you don't want to hear during surgery:

10. Oops!
9. Can I look at that list again?
8. How many did he have when we started?
7. Golly! I've never seen that before!
6. Oh, drat! There go the lights again!
5. Now, if I can just remember how they did this on TV...
4. Oh, we were supposed to do the left side?
3. Hand me
2. Hey! Look what happens when you poke right there!
1. Well if that's the stomach, what is this?

Speaking of which, congratulations to Klenda (and a big thank you to Dr. Voight - I still thank God for you!). Her big surgery was 10 years ago and she was in the blessed 10% that made a complete recovery. While "normal" is not an adjective I normally apply to the Zoomlians, she has never had a problem since!

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