Monday, March 1, 2010

Gospel Desserts Week 1 and 2

The Gospel for the first Sunday of Lent was the Temptation in the Desert. I made a spice cake and covered it with brown sugar (sand) and almonds (stones). It was a desert dessert! The kids were highly suspicious because of last year, but they still ate it before I got a picture.

The second Sunday of Lent had the Transfiguration. I've always tried to make this with a jello mountain crowned with whipped cream. The kids love it, but it doesn't really work for me. No matter how tall the jello mold, it always wobbles down into a hill!

This year we did a lemon mountain pie! I did the meringue with 6 egg whites instead of 4 (there were 6 egg yolks in the pie). I used the recipe out of The New Best Recipe, and it was a glorious pie!

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