Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Picking, Almost

With the return of the cool weather, we made our semi annual trip up to Larriland to pick apples.

Mea culpa, I didn't check before hand, and the apple picking wasn't starting until the next day...

So, we (The Emperor, the Zoomlians and I) had a lovely time picking raspberries. It was a picture perfect day: warm sun, cool breeze, blue skies and surrounded by sweet jewels of fruit.

That's a day that I want to always remember... Which I will have to do myself since I forgot my camera. Fortunately, The Queen Mum (The Emperor's mom) had brought her camera. Unfortunately, it was out of batteries... sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment, I guess!

We picked 7 pounds of raspberries and went home to the unheard of indulgence of having as many raspberries as we liked! I don't believe I've ever had that pleasure before!

Jam was a possibility, of course, but we instead ate half as raspberry shortcake, and half as (just) raspberries with whipped cream. Bliss!

We did pick broccoli, too. The main problem with picking broccoli is that every Zoomlian wants to pick a large head for themselves, and while fresh broccoli is lovely, I couldn't see us eating fifteen pounds of it with whipped cream, for example.

We did buy a half bushel of mixed apples at "The Big Red Barn."

And we bought my favorite squash! It's called Banana Squash, although to me it doesn't say "banana," possibly because it's 3 feet long and pinkish. I bought one more or less accidently one year and found it made the best "pumpkin" pie I'd ever had. I cooked it down today and got 18 cups: 9 pies! (I don't make them all at once, I freeze it in portions)

Realistically, it was a perfect trip: we got to see a working farm in action, we got to see how food grows in a tended field, and we got to see that when we don't get what we plan for, we can still have a wonderful time.

Besides, would you rather eat an apple or a bowl of raspberries?

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