Friday, September 10, 2010

Klenda, Six Month

My name is Klenda. I am 11 ¾.

My favorite color is the color of this text.

I really like horses, cats, and dolphins.

I really like one eyed jacks and bacon for breakfast.

I like grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

I like cream of mushroom soup or corn or clam chowder for dinner.

I like almost any dessert.

I really like baking bread and making tomato soup .

I really like to cook!

I like Science, Art and PE.

I like reading. Some of my favorite series are

Warriors, Percy Jackson, and Wally McDoogle.

Some of my favorite movies are the Star Wars series.

I like playing video and computer games.

I also really like drawing, especially people.

I like to jump on the slack line, ride my bike, run,

play with my brothers and sister, juggle, and do cartwheels.

One of my favorite times is Tuesday night because that’s Girls’ Night.

When I grow up I want to bake, cook, be a mom,

join a circus, and breed horses, just to name a few things.

I’m very happy to be a Catholic Christian and to know that God loves me.


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