Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oob Six Month

My name is Oob. I am 3.
I love red!
I just like to eat dinner.
I like horsies.
I like to go outside with Blue Streak and White Knight.
I like to play Frisbee, Frisbee is nice.
Sand box is nice and bubbles are nice and the tree is nice.
I like stories about Luke.
I like to sit on your lap. I like books about animals.
I like animals best.
I like a flying kangaroo.
Momma can read to me.
I like to play with playdough and scissors will be nice, too.
I love scissors, scissors will be nice and cold.
I want to grow up like a bird.
I love to go to the beach house.
I like to play on the computer.
I love my Daddy!

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