Friday, September 24, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. Mxyl lost his last baby tooth (sniff!)! For the last visit from the Tooth Chicken, he got two exciting things: an invitation to join the Elite Forces of Tooth Chickendom, and the game Chicken Invaders 3. Much mayhem ensued.

2. Choclo loves Chicken Invaders. He wanders about making (surprisingly loud) chicken noises at random moments. When I get upset about this (or anything else), he strokes my arm and says in a loving tone, "Don't worry, Mommy, the chicken likes you!" and then gives me a kiss, causing me to melt into a puddle of goo (or maybe egg?).

3. We have been having an amazing time with the BBC series Planet Earth. My Grammie Ann had seen the more recent series, Life, and had suggested it to me, but it's a little more graphic than this one. Planet Earth focuses less on gore and more on the stunning wonder of the biomes on the planet. The photography is jaw dropping and all the Zoomlians are fascinated. One thing they do show (which had me worried) is the Great White Sharks hunting seals. They leap up from under the seal clear out of the water. I was worried it was a bit too much for my Lil' Guys. To my surprise, Choclo exclaimed, "It's Choclo the Shark!" Oob, naturally, claimed, "No! It's Oob the Shark!"

4. Speaking of Oob, this morning he wandered into my bedroom and told me, "I have a biskeeto bite. I need a band-aid on my biskeeto bite." This gave me the mental picture of tiny, flying, blood sucking, biscuits, and I had to go off and laugh. By the time I came back, Klenda had covered the >iskeeto bite with the first band-aid that came to hand: one of those 4" x 2" big ones that wrapped half way around his leg. Well, it did cover the tiny bump, and he's been happy ever since.

5. Math U See is great. Life of Fred is fantastic! But for real math fun, get the Three Stooges

UPDATE: I mean Abbot and Costello, of course! I obviously to further my edjucation. I was thinking of this, which Klenda has been walking around singing:

6. Every so often, we get stuck with a misquote. Right now it's Oob, with a strong (fake) Italian accent, saying, "Mamma me!" over and over again. And it's Klenda, who, upon discovering the emergency of the day, will tell me with a serious tone, "Winston, we have a problem." I think she just likes to see me gnash my teeth and holler, "Houston! It's Houston! Winston is the Prime Minister of England during World War II!!! Uhhh... What's wrong?"

7. It's The Emperor's birthday! And it's a furlough day, so he's home to celebrate it properly!!!! We will be celebrating with Ultimate 5 Way Fun Blocks! Happy Birthday to the sweetest, handsomest, wittiest, BEST husband on this planet (or any other)!

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