Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy All Hallows Eve!

Oob was St. George. Ahhh, an easy costume taken entirely from the dress up bin. I knew that someday, somehow, somewhere we would do a super easy costume.
Choclo was an "Angel of God." If you aren't Catholic, that's how the Guardian Angel Prayer starts. He loved being an angel. I had intended to have Oob be an angel and Choclo St. George, but they both loved the other costume. LOL! Sometimes it all works out! This was a white robe and wings from from the dress up bin and a strand of yarn. Easy peasy!

Leena was St. Helen. She was a queen, an empress, actually. She was the mother of Emperor Constantine, the one who legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire. She also found the cross Jesus died on.

Another easy costume! Mumpy found the dress, we had the cross, and I made the crown out of aluminum foil. I took a long strip and folded it to give 8 layers, then cut points, being careful to leave the tip of the points connecting so it would all stay stiff. I then crimped the back so it would fit her head.

Zorg was his much loved St. Joseph. This was the one costume I knew I would need to sew. I had a long medium brown tunic. I had a second, darker brown tunic that I thought I'd cut down the center to get an outer mantle with sleeves. This is actually the costume you see here (along with face paint and a big stick).

However, since everything was going too smoothly, I decided the two browns were too close. I looked through my stash and found a nice light brown that I thought would do well for the mantle. Two extra bonus points if you can see where this is going. I didn't until I had finished the mantle and he had put it on.

Yes! I had made the perfect Jedi Master costume! Who would look at it and see St. Joseph??? I went back to plan A. I'll put a Jedi picture at the bottom.

Klenda was St. Lucy. She was an early Roman martyr who, in Klenda's words, "loved Christ so much that when told to say she wasn't a Christian or they'd put her eyes out, refused to renounce Christ."

Traditionally, St. Lucy is pictured with her eyes on a plate. She is usually pictured with eyes in her head as well, but I could not convince Klenda that this was a workable plan. She closed her eyes for all the pictures. I also think she isn't traditionally shown telling people not to touch her "eye pad."

This was a fairly easy costume. The dress is close to the actual outfit a Roman girl would have worn, she's wearing a shirt and pants instead of a tunica, but the stola is quite accurate - a left over from our Plutarch party. Since she did the plate and eyes herself, this was an easy one for me!

This is Mxyl's last year dressing up and he went with St. Michael.

A very buff St. Michael!

We got the tunic at the thrift store, ripped out the arms and stuffed a turtleneck to give him big muscles. The belt was his. The wings and sword were from the dress up bin.

Our angels together!


Eileen said...

Hey, Just wanted to say that Eileen is the Irish name for Helen. More than one year I was St. Helen for our All Saint's Day parade in my school. I had a beautiful dress and a cross my father made much like the one in the picture. Of course, I had a crown wrapped in foil, too. It was fun seeing all the pictures. Happy All Saint's Day

Anonymous said...

As I listen to the trick or treaters tromp by outside I knew that if I checked in at zoom times I would get to see pictures of the zoomlians decked out! I was not disappointed!

Happy All Saints Day! Katrina

Jolene said...

Beautiful children! Thanks for explaining how you made each one, Wendy! Those are some great ideas.

The Jedi costume was too funny! I laughed out loud, so loud that Gregory just HAD to come over and see what was so funny!