Monday, October 25, 2010

New Keets!

No, I said, we can not get more parakeets.
Why on Earth would we get more parakeets?

Then I saw the birds the girls were talking about.
Turns out the answer is: because they are so beautiful!

The white one is Peace and Justice. She is all white but not albino we think she is a dark eyed clear (her eyes are dark).
The pastel yellow and blue one is Faith. We think she is a yellow faced graywing, or possibly a yellow faced dilute. Her color is a little darker than this picture shows.

We quarantined them for while, but they've now been accepted by the flock. They've taken to us as well. Joy, our "daddykeet", keeps trying to teach them to fly, a little tough since their wings have been clipped!

More on parakeet genetics here.

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