Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trials of Furno Part 2

Someday, I thought, I’ll show them. Just because I blew up the 1st training room

doesn’t mean I’m a useless rookie. The only question is: when?

It sometimes seems that the only people who care about me are Mark and Natalie,

known in battle as Surge and Breez. But they never will understand. I mean, Mark has

Dunkan Bulk, who’s the nicest Hero ever to be a trainer. Nat’s got Stringer, and I think

he has this thing about her and - - nevermind. A-N-Y-W-A-Y…They’re the only ones who seem to even think that I actually exist outside battle. And I get stuck with

‘alpha leader’ Preston Stormer, who ends up being a total grou- I’d better stop now

‘cuz there’s a camera in my room… AW, WHO CARES?????!!!! I turned to

the camera, lost my cool and said, “HEY, YOU! YEA, YOU! YOU'RE A TOTAL

GROUCHY JERK!!! YEA, PRESSY!” THAT did the trick. Stormer HATES it when

I call him that. Believe me, I’ve got wounds to show it! “William Furno!!! You will

report to my study. NOW!!!” All of a sudden, I didn’t think I was so bright anymore.

I was there in .002 seconds on the dot. Stormer appreciates punctuality, and I need all

the edge I can get. “You’re .002 seconds late,” he grumbled. “Sorry, sir, It’s just

that I was getting bored out of my brains…or… whatever was in there.”

“I could’ve guessed you didn’t have any. on 2nd thought…” [Uh-oh] “…You know…

You’re always dreaming of going on missions…am I right?” “Right…” I replied after

slight hesitation. ‘what are you thinking, you big ninny? Of course you’ve been dreaming of that… ever since you’ve been made!’ Of coarse, you never can tell with Stormer,

I told my conscience back. “Well, how about a compromise;” said Stormer.

“I send you on a few real missions and see how you do, and if you do well, you get more missions. If you don’t do so well, I’ll have a jet ready to pick you up. How does that sound?” DEAL!” I shouted, no hesitation this time. “then let’s test you out.”

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