Friday, October 22, 2010

Trials of Furno Part 1

This is a story Klenda and Mxyl have been working on.

Meltdown was right behind me; I could feel it in the ground as his huge footsteps thundered after me, his nuclear tentacles annihilating all the trees they even brushed against. Suddenly, I felt a weakness overcoming me. I glanced down.

My Mighty Hero Power Core was slowly dimming. Darn, I thought to myself, And I was just losing him. I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t see that huge rock looming up ahead.

What rock? The one that’s 200 feet away. No,100. Er,50. Um- WHAM!!!!!

I fell… And fell… and fell right into reality. As I stumbled out of the 2nd training room,

Stormer was there, shaking his head in disapproval .“I’m disappointed in you, kid. if that were real, you wouldn’t be here.” I’d once told him that HE

didn’t go on missions nearly that dangerous. He completely agreed… his missions were even MORE dangerous! But sir,” I argued, “If that were real, and if you’d recharged

my Mighty Hero Power Core, I’d be a HERO! A STAR! I’D BE...” “SKELETON.” Stormer had to finish my sentence.

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