Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jane Austen, at Last!

We did dinosaurs in the morning and Jane Austen in the afternoons and evenings.

We watched Sense and Sensibility, we discussed (the recently viewed and read) Pride and Prejudice, we talked about customs and social class... but mostly we planned the Jane Austen party!

We planned the menu: Raspberry "linzer" bars, scones, clotted cream, strawberries, cream puffs, and, of course, tea!

We planned the games. Online, there are no lack of resources!

Our favorite thing which we did not do was Snapdragon.  This was a popular party game in Jane Austen's time, and there seems to be some evidence that she played it herself.

To play, you fill a wide shallow bowl with brandy, drop in raisins (or currants if you are especially daring) and then light the brandy on fire.  The object is to pluck flaming raisins out with your bare hands and pop them still flaming into your mouth.  The one who ate the most raisins won.

They say that fewer people were burned than you might think.

Our favorite game that we did do was The Game of Graces.  While it was not as much fun as a house on fire, it was a lot of fun!

The essence of the game is that two people throw and catch a hoop using paired sticks.

The hoop itself is covered in trailing ribbons both to make it prettier, and to slow the flight of the hoop (making it easier to catch).  You fling the hoop be crossing your sticks like scissors and then pulling the sticks apart.

We had an odd number of ladies, so I ended up playing, unfortunately to the detriment of pictures!

But they (and I) had a great time!

They also watched Emma, and all the young ladies loved it.

It was a lovely party, and we'd love to do it again some time!


Annabelle said...

You guys need to go to Detroit to visit The Henry Ford and especially Greenfield Village where they have that game and others of the era on the lawn to play. You would totally love the Village. It is expensive but for big families a "family membership" pays off big time and they let you bring your own lunches/snacks in so you don't to exist on park food. Sadly not many people really go there anymore but it benefits those of us who do because the crowds are nil. Staff dress in period wear and wander the Village too. History comes alive :)

Wendy said...

I have heard of the Henry Ford; I'd love to go there some day!

Vicky said...

I keep losing my comments, somehow, so I apologise if you end up with three comments from me!

I was trying to say that I love your tea set, the idea of a Regency party and everything Jane Austen! It looks like you had a lot of fun:)

God bless, Wendy:)

Wendy said...

Thanks! They are my grandmother's tea cups. When she was a young woman, the hostess of a party or shower (bridal or baby) would give matching tea cups to each guest. In this way, all the women accumulated an array of lovely tea cups, each one a memory of a happy event.

Because we use them often, some have cracked or broken, so I have supplemented my set with yard sale finds.

Wendy said...
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