Saturday, October 3, 2015

Awesome History: Africa, Egypt, Moses

We read the Anansi story where Anansi finds a village of fried plantains, so we ate fried plantains: yum!

We also finished mummifying our chicken.

We made clay amulets to tuck in the wrappings.  We just let the kids make whatever they liked from sculpey.

 The chicken dried out very well, and even smelled pretty good, thanks to all the spices.

We rubbed it with spiced oil.

This was just oil with whole spices which had been steeping while the chicken was drying out.
 And then it was time to wrap!

I had a set of worn out sheets which we had torn into strips.

Choclo made a little chicken mask, but we had a hard time getting it to stay on.

We ended up making a false head out of extra wrappings, and that seemed to work pretty well!

We also ate matzoh and did an Exodus themed game. 

I wanted the kids to think about how hard it is to have to follow directions when you can't tell where you are going, so we blindfolded Zorg and had the rest of the kids give him directions to fins a hidden stash of candy.

Story of the World chapters 11-14

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