Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Stuff

 The Boy Scouts had their Scary Movie Night last night. 

Besides watching a scary movie (Jurassic Park this year), they dress up for fun. 

This, obviously, is Zorg as Darth Chickenus.

I was going to pun on that, but I chickened out.

 And we've been carving pumpkins.

I'd like to go on record that I love Minecraft.  It is now my favorite thing ever.

Everything about Minecraft is square and easy to cut into a pumpkin.

Each pumpkin comes out exactly as the kid envisioned it.  

Thank you Minecraft!  I've never had such an easy Halloween in my life.


Leena did Bionicle on her pumpkin, and it's all complicated curves, but that's fine because she did it entirely on her own.

On the back she carved the Bionicle motto: Unity, Duty, Destiny.

Did I mention that she and Klenda have joined the crew at Bionicle Comedy Central?  They have!

Klenda is carving her pumpkin using her wood carving tools, and she isn't done yet.  I'll update with hers when she finishes.

And, of course, I'll post actual costumes tomorrow.

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