Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dream Garden

 Ever since we moved to this house, back in 2001, I've always thought that the front garden was too narrow, and that the grassy triangle between the house and sidewalk should all be garden.

At the time, Mxyl was 4 and I was pregnant with Leena, and we were moving into a smaller house that was still full of other people's stuff.

It wasn't a good time to plant a garden.

Of course, that was the year I planted the shrubbery because the front yard was bare and the street was full of people parking their cars at the edge of our lawn.

Come to think of it, I planted a bunch of trees then, too.  Fall is the best time for planting.

At any rate, every fall, I thought, "Maybe I can plant that garden this year." and every year we built onto the house or had a baby, or planted a different garden, or lacked funds.
This year it all came together!

The kids were all old enough to help.

I had enough gardening experience to know what plants I loved and worked well in my yard.

Mostly, I was finally confident that I could do a four season garden that I would be happy to look at every day!

It's not finished, of course (is any garden ever finished?).  I would like to get a bench and a bird bath.

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