Saturday, October 17, 2015

Big Pumpkins

Here are Choclo and Oob's pumpkins snuggled up in the red chair, with Zorg's Iron Man vs. Hulk pumpkin nearby.

And here are Leena's Earth Pumpkin and Klenda's Winged Wolf.

In other pumpkin news, we have a Brode Galeux D’Eysines, which means "Embroidered with warts from Eysines."  Can you guess which one  that is?

I think it's beautiful, warts and all.  It's also supposed to taste great!

The other two are the bright orange "Cinderella," and the tawny "Fairy Tale," two of the best tasting pumpkins I've ever had.

From my experiments pies last year, Cinderella had the best combination of flavor and texture for pies, and Fairy Tale had the best flavor, well, ever.  It's the only pumpkin I've ever eaten raw (slice it thin, it's amazing!).

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