Monday, October 12, 2015

Awesome History: Phoenicians, Asssyrians, Babylonians

This class we focused on the Phoenicians with their colored glass.  Of course, they were making colored glass objects, not really windows, but we made windows.

Why?  Because: easy fabulousness!

We took clear contact paper and made a frame out of black strips of paper.

You just cut strips and press them on the contact paper's sticky side.

Then the kids cut out objects in black paper (my idea was a tree, but they could choose anything).

Then we pressed torn pieces of tissue paper in for the color.

If you wanted to be more authentic, you could cover a jar with tissue paper and mod podge.

In my case, I was itching for some fall decorations.

For the active activity, we turned to the ever warring Babylonians and Assyrians.

Nerf battle!

This went really, really well, no doubt because they have been practicing faithfully for the last 15 years. The things we do for education!

The snack was intended to be pita, hummus and figs, but we didn't get that far.

I'd like to add that we installed a new garden because we were so inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but it was just a happy coincidence!

Story of the World chapters 15-17.

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