Saturday, September 21, 2013

Adventurers Schedule

This is our fifth year of weekly field trip adventures, and we are still finding new places to go!  This year we are skewing a bit older (we tend to alternate older and younger years). 

If you're curious, my advice for field trips in the DC area is here.

Fall Schedule:
9/9 American History (transportation, immigration, Star Spangled Banner)
9/16 American History (US memorabilia, military history)
9/23 Natural History (Ocean Hall, Minerals)
10/2 Wednesday Apple and Pumpkin picking at Larriland ($? you pay for what you pick)
10/7 * National Archives (see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) or White House and Monuments
10/16 Wednesday Maryland Science Center ($2 a person for their home school days, usually $16!  You can also get a 45 minute class for an extra $3.50, but you'll need to sign up now to get in.)
10/21 Library of Congress (I may bail and let my older kids tour while I take my younger kids out to the Botanical gardens and the duck pond.)
10/28 National Arboretum (fall foliage)
11/4 * Capitol Building (besides needing tickets, there is an airport-level security screening to enter the building, but it's a really neat tour!)
11/11 American Indian
11/18 * Cryptologic Museum (up near Fort Meade)
Thanksgiving Break
12/2 Botanical Gardens (They will have the holiday trains and fairy houses!)
12/9 Christmas/Immaculate Conception Party  (Bring cookies!)

Spring Schedule: (These are tentative and weather-dependent; I'm just putting it out there to give you an idea of my plans)
2/24 Bureau of Printing and Engraving (this is where they print money - last time we went they were printing $100 bills, so we saw over a million dollars cash!)
3/3 The Walters Art Gallery
3/10 Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (first full week of Lent)
3/17 Baltimore Museum of Art
3/24 National Arboretum (Magnolia blossoms)
3/31 Cherry Blossoms ($1 a person to ride the tram)
4/7 Franciscan Monastery 
Holy Week/Easter Break
4/28 National Arboretum (Azalea Walk)
5/5 Shark Tooth Expedition
5/12 DC Monuments walk: FDR, MLK, and maybe Lincoln Memorial
5/19 or 5/21 Wednesday Shark Tooth Hunt


Sue Elvis said...


I just had to come and read a post with the word 'adventurers" in it! Actually I read all your posts but this title did catch my eye. Wow! You have so many interesting places to visit near you. Looks like you are in for some wonderful adventure field trips.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Sue! Yes, we are blessed to live near our nation's capitol, so we have access to an astonishing variety of places and events - most of them free. It makes up for the lack of rural space, more or less!

Our Adventurers "rules" are:
1. Be curious.
2. Be courteous.
3. Draw 3 things.