Monday, September 16, 2013

Catching Up

 It's a good thing I take pictures, otherwise I'd forget half the stuff we do!

Way back when we were celebrating our First Day of No School, I had wanted to do our usual thing of going to The Big Enormous Playground With the Teeny Tiny Zoo.

Ah, but this time I remembered

I finally remembered that the carousel and train are closed on Mondays, so this year I went on Wednesday. 

And this year they closed the carousel and train a week early. :O(

But the playground was as marvelous as ever, and, when we ambled over to the Teeny Tiny Zoo/Farm, we discovered that they were having hay rides!

Well, all right then!

If you've never been on a hay ride, it's a ride in a tractor drawn wagon, usually seated on bales of straw.  

Yes, technically, that makes it a straw ride, but that doesn't sound as nice!

We had a marvelous time on the ride and a great time touring the farm.

Mxyl was quite taken with the peacocks, and Klenda found a particularly beautiful chicken that looked like it was wearing a black lace shawl over a russet gown.

I think our favorite animals were the twin 3 month old goats who were playing and frolicking and running into each other like, well, kids!

 On the way back we followed a new trail marked with an owl. 

We didn't see any owls, but Leena found a toad, and Zorg found a praying mantis, and I found Blue Streak!

Much to my surprise and delight, the trail came out exactly where we had parked!

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