Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dissection Day

 Thursdays are our lab days: dissections!

So far we have dissected a worm, a crayfish (pictured), and a grasshopper.  I have been prepping for the dissections by reading  about them, and watching the You Tube videos.

Today we are working a double dissection: clam and starfish!

The progression has been really interesting.  We started with segmented animals, increasing in complexity, and now we are starting on non-segmented animals.

If anything it's more fun than I thought it would be because the kids are fascinated by the process and have all sorts of questions and insights.

The biggest surprise has been that the younger Zoomlians really want to do dissections.  I don't think that Choclo, for example, has the dexterity to safely use a scalpel, so I am thinking about getting an extra set of specimens and doing it for them.

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