Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Zorg!

 Happy teenagerhood, Zorg!

Yes, it's true, Zorg is 13!

Of course we had to celebrate with an extended family cook out and party.

Half my kids are now teenagers.  How did that happen?

Despite all the dire warnings, teenagers are a lot of fun!

13 Great Things About Zorg

1. He likes to play games.
2. He's a First Class Scout!
3. He's honest and fair.
4. He likes to build interesting stuff.
4. He's an awesome older brother!
5. He's an awesome younger brother!
5.  He's got a ready wit.
6.  He is half way through Geometry!
7. He doesn't take himself too seriously.
7.  He's cool headed in a crisis.
8. He's a reverent altar server.
9.  He's a very fast laundry folder!
10. He likes exotic food.
11. He's a fun person to talk to.
11. He's quick to help anyone who needs it.
12. He's interested in all kinds of history, science, and technology.
13.  He's adventurous!

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