Wednesday, September 18, 2013

College Daze

One reason that I'm backed up on the blogs (not just mine, I haven't had time to read blogs!) is the adjustment to our "full load" schedule.

When Mxyl turned 16, he became not only  eligible to drive, but also to take college classes at out local community college.  So he did!

Continuing his interest in computer animation, he is taking a computer graphics course and an art history course.  This means he's off at college twice a week for 5 hours a shot!  He's having a great time and learning a lot (foremost how to juggle time, homework, and deadlines).

He's also taking Japanese in a separate, online course.  And all the rest of the high school stuff.

Did I mention he just got elected Senior Patrol Leader for his scout troop? And he's doing art lessons. And Youth Group. Plus, he's teaching himself how to play guitar.

And he, along with the rest of the Zoomlians, are doing the co-op, Anatomy and Physiology, and Adventurers with us.

Amongst other Zoomlians, Klenda is learning Spanish in preparation for a trip to Spain next summer, and she's doing art and piano lessons, and Junior Ladies of Charity and the rest of her stuff.

Zorg is beginning preparations for Confirmation next year!  And he's doing Spanish (for an eventual trip to see Tia and Tio), Art, Geometry, and his regular stuff.  And he's been elected Patrol Leader of his patrol of his scout troop!

Leena is doing Art, Piano, Spanish, Junior Ladies of Charity, and the rest of her stuff, all while keeping up her sunny smile and social whirl.

Choclo is doing Wolf Scouts, and Oob will soon be starting Tiger Scouts.

I am working through Anatomy and Physiology, and not reading many blogs!

It reminds me of when I had many kids under five: it's like drinking from a fire hose.  It's all great, fun stuff, but there sure is a lot of it!

It should settle down as we find our rhythm, but it's kind of wild right now.


Sue Elvis said...


Wow! You are all very busy doing lots of interesting things.

You have a learner driver? So do we! In fact I'll have two very soon. Here, our young people have to do 120 hours of driving experience before they can do their driving test. That's a lot of hours with me in the support driver's seat! I wonder if you have a similar system where you are.

Wendy said...

Wow! And I thought 60 hours was a lot! In our state (Maryland) they have to take a written test to get the permit, then do 60 hours and a two week class to get a provisional license. Then they have to drive safely with restrictions (no late nights, no other teenagers in the car) for about a year before they can get their "real" license!

It's been difficult in this area because it's very "built up" and there is a great deal of traffic. It's hard to find space to practice without other cars. I learned to drive in a more rural setting, and it was easier.

Sue Elvis said...


Yes 120 hours of driving experience is a lot. It's a big commitment for a parent. If a child leaves home without getting his licence, it's very difficult for him to find someone willing to be a support driver for all those hours.

I guess your children will be very good at driving in traffic! We live in a quiet area. Even our local towns are easy to drive through. Just several sets of traffic lights and a few roundabouts. There's a bit of country driving... unlit roads at night with the danger of kangaroos and wombats on the roads. Also a little freeway driving between our village and town, though the freeway is hardly packed either! Easy to merge on and travel along. It only has two lanes.

Driving up to Sydney and through the city is a lot more challenging, but the kids can learn to do that after they get their licences. I actually learnt to drive in Sydne, right in the city during my lunch breaks from work. These days I'd hate to drive there!