Monday, June 23, 2014


 One last trip before our membership runs out!

It's a little hard to see in this picture, but the kids are looking at a ball of dried grass, and two  Australian finches taking bits of it back to their nests!

I love the aquarium.
This time they were feeding (or possibly playing with) the Giant Pacific Octopus.

That's a moray!
Cephalopod! Squeee!

 And, as ever, I texted the Emperor a picture of this fish with lots of hearts.

 The aquarium has an enormous coral reef that is several stories tall.

You descend from the surface in semidarkness, winding down a series of ramps, watching the different fish swimming at different levels.

At the very bottom (actually in a different tank, although it gives the illusion of all being one tank) are the sharks...

Choclo and Oob were over the moon!

 At the very end, we watched trainers working with the dolphins.

They don't do a "show" anymore, but you can just wander in, watch them for a  while and wander out when you've seen enough.

They actually have an announcer on hand to explain what the various trainers are doing.

 Walking back to the van, we stopped in a little park which invited passersby to play a set of giant pipes.

A fun way to start summer!

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