Sunday, June 15, 2014

Poem of the Week: Father's Day

Pa’s Soft Spot

By D. A. Ellsworth
“All folks hev some soft spot,”
      Ma uster say,
“Somethin’ or ’nother
      Comes out some day
Comes out ’fore they know it,
      Jest like ez not.”
’N’en us kids’d say, “Ma,
      What’s your sof’ spot?”

An’ we’d keep a plaguin’,
      Till ma’d say,
“I wish ’at you youngins
      ’D run away!
Ask your pa’ bout his’n
      An’, like ez not,
He’ll tell you willin’ly
      What’s his sof’ spot.”

’N’en we’d ’gree to ask him
      That very day;
When his train’d whistle
      Why right away,
We’d jest skedaddle
      Clean ’cross the lot,
To be first to ask pa
      What’s his sof’ spot.

Pa, he’d say, “My sof’ spot?
      Never hes none!”
Wouldn’t tell us neither,
      But jest make fun;
Then he’d tell his brakeman,
      He’d says “Great lot,
Think you’re goin’ to tell ’em
      What’s your sof’ spot!”

’N’en we’d all go home,
      An’ after ’while
Pa’d tell ma ’bout it,
      An’ ma she’d smile;
We’d ’gin agin a guessin’,
      Till pa’d say, “Trot!
Time you kids wuz dreamin’
      In some sof’ spot.”

An’ pa’d never tell us,
      When he wuz in;
Ev’ry trip he come home
      We’d ’gin agin;
Onct George sez when prayin’,
      He prayed a lot,
“Please God, wisht you’d tell us
      What’s pa’s sof’ spot!”

One day the opurat’r
      Sent word by Bert
There hed bin a washout,
      An’ pa wuz hurt;
Engineer wuz hurt, too,
      An’ both might die;
Pa wanted to see us
      To say good-by.

We wuz all so still
      When we went in;
They wuz holdin’ pa up,
      A fannin’ him;
An’ pa sez “I may die
      Jest like ez not,
Tell the children I sed
      They’s my sof’ spot!”

But our pa didn’t die,
      He jist got well;
We wuz all so happy,
      Couldn’t ’gin to tell!
’Cause we all loved our pa,
      A great big lot,
I guess God saw we wuz
      Pa’s sof’ spot!


Sue Elvis said...


A bit hard to read (for me!) but a great poem. I did enjoy this one.

It isn't Father's Day here. Ours is in September. I hope your husband is enjoying his special day with his beautiful family!

Wendy said...

I also find the dialect hard to read.

I was thinking of posting Coleridge's, "Sonnet on the Letter Informing Him of the Birth of His Son" which I found easier to read (and more elegant!).

Then I came across this poem and felt it better expressed my own father's approach to Dadness: a man working hard at a tough job, sustained by the love of his family.

Glad you enjoyed it!

So, your Father's Day is in your spring? That makes sense. It must be nearly winter now for you. When is your Mother's Day?

Sue Elvis said...


Our Mother's Day is on the same day as yours. I wonder why Father's Day is different!