Monday, June 30, 2014

Oob's First Communion

 The happiest day!!

Oob has been waiting to receive Jesus for a long time.

Sunday morning the question was, "How many more hours? How many more minutes?"

 And then, He was here!

So happy!  So much love!!

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for helping Oob get ready!

Thank you Fr. Stack!!

That afternoon, we went to the Basilica gift shop to let Oob pick out something to remember his First Communion.

He picked this beautiful glass depiction of the Last Supper, which he is keeping by his bed.
Like this, but right side up!

Mumpy and Pa also gave him money to pick out something.  He chose a "golden" rosary, a rosary case, a medal of his patron saint, and an image of Divine Mercy.

Happy, happy Oob!

Now we're off to morning Mass for his second Communion!


Sue Elvis said...

Congratulations to Oob! Oh what a special day. I wonder if you cried Wendy. I had tears on my children's first Holy Communion days. All our children have now received this sacrament. I'll be crying at weddings from now on!

Wendy said...

There is a joy unlike any other to bring your child to meet Jesus in the Eucharist!